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Story of becoming the best

Today we will talk about Mike Weigl. He is very interesting person - and not only because he is the European Carpenter founder. Well, let us find out more about him!

Since Mike grew up, he was rising the idea of founding company, bringing perfection in its services. But to know how to bring perfection you should see enough of perfection before, right?

Eurocarpenter Kitchen

So during 30 years Mike was mastering all necessary skills working in different European countries. He was working in Germany, learning best renovation examples in Berlin, spend a lot of time in Austria, examining best architecture approaches in Vienna. Mike practiced his trade in the Czech Republic, wondering narrow streets of Prague to find inspiration. In Switzerland he learned how to build perfect-looking small houses. And time spend in United Kingdom, seeing best examples of English architecture showed him how to create something that will stand for centuries. And of course how to take something that was standing for centuries and make it modern looking and comfortable for living.

The time has passed and finally Mike have decided that he is ready. He was experienced carpenter and renovator, knowing how to do kitchen, bathroom, bedroom renovation and remodelling, how to build some house addition, no matter what is it - garage, new kitchen, or some other room. How to make interior look classy no matter how it was looking before.

Therefore, in the year 2009 Mike Weigl founded The European Carpenter company. And since that day he was bringing perfection to the living spaces of South Africa people. 

All the years of his company work Mike have never ended working on the project, no matter it is big house reconstruction or just some tiny renovation, until the client was completely satisfied and fascinated. And this approach brought Mike to success.

Mike didn't like to show his personal life to public - google him and you will find nothing. Really, try "Mike Weigl South Africa" request - only European Carpenter official site will try to give you some information about him. But you knew most of it already if you read this article until here, isn't it?
So if you want to know more about him - you will have to ask by yourself. Call +27 (0)72 642 6812 or write to and Mike will answer all your questions. Just don't use his kindness for asking questions only about him - order European Carpenter services to make your home a better place to live into!

Post by europeancarpenter (2018-02-09 04:10)

Tags: european carpenter Mike Weigl success story carpentery services live story living space renovations

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