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Kitchen remodel design layout - 2018 best ideas and tricks

Today we are going to review modern tendencies of kitchen layout design/redesign that are most common for early 2018. Most of our attention will be driven to narrow kitchens - as this is vital for most of householders. So let's get started!

remodelled kitchen

Narrow kitchen design is a complicated and responsible thing. How to make it so that the space was both functional and beautiful? How to properly arrange furniture and what colors to choose when you design such a kitchen? On these and many other questions, we are looking for answers today and learn how a narrow layout opens us wide prospects in the interior design of the kitchen.

Narrow kitchen layout - how to place a dining area and headsets?

First thing you need to know - through planning and furniture arrangement you can correct the shortcomings of a rectangular room. There are several options for the furniture location:

  • One-row layout, which is also called linear, is when a kitchen set is installed along a long wall so that the refrigerator and the stove are on different sides of the sink. So there will be room for passage, and free space can be used for the dining area. For a very narrow kitchen it will do the best.

one-row layout

  • With L-shaped (or angular) layout, furniture is placed along adjacent walls for the best proportions, and at the same time to create an additional working surface. In this case, you can increase the window sill and make it a continuation of the countertop, use it as a table, or put a washing machine in the niche.

L-shaped kitchen

  • Double-row layout is best for an elongated, but wide enough kitchen. Choose a layout option if you have a large, square-footed kitchen that has a rectangular shape. Then the dining area can be carried to one end of the kitchen, for example to the window.

double-row kitchen layout

Advice! You have to remember that between the cabinets rows should remain at least 90-120 centimeters.

If the space is too small and narrow, then the dining area must either be taken out to another room (like on photo below).

kitchen table aside from kitchen

Another option - to think over a non-standard solution for placing a dining area - a bar counter, a folding small or narrow table along the wall.

bar counter

Another option for a similar kitchen is the U-shaped layout. Convenient in terms of the cabinets spaciousness and the ability to put all the necessary equipment into the kitchen, but almost all free space will be lost. With this planning, you will have to move the dining table into the other room, because in the kitchen there will be probably no place for it any more.

U-shaped kitchen layout

Advice! When preparing a work area, keep in mind the so-called "triangle rule". Owen, sink and work surface should be placed side by side, as if in three points of one triangle. This will allow you to spend a minimum of time and effort during cooking and related processes.

Want to know more? Then wait for the next chapter!

Ideas and photos for this article was generously given by the European Carpenter -

Post by europeancarpenter (2018-02-23 04:46)

Tags: kitchen remodel kitchen redesign kitchen renovation kitchen remodel ideas 2018 kitchen kitchen design layout ideas

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