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How to build bathroom of your dreams in 2018?

2018 is all around us, so modern tendencies of what is nice great looking home are changing. So what have changed for bathroom? Are bathroom renovation tendencies different from previous years? Let us find out.

1. Bathtub or shower cabin?

There are two points of view on this question. If you have small bathroom, in 2018 shower cabin will be your choice. It helps to save space; it is not expensive and pretty comfortable (if you are not going to take a bath, of course). So choose shower cabin and be happy.

On the other hand, if your bathroom big enough and you want to get certain comfort level – bathtub will be your choice. In addition, it is possible to install both. Then if you are in hurry and just need to take a shower before work – hop into the shower cabin. But if you are going to spend romantic evening with your beloved – bathtub with warm water, rose petals and candles at your service.

2. Light

Will it be better to have bright light – or to have twilight in your bathroom in 2018? Answer will be one word: harmony. There shouldn’t be too dark (especially for women – makeup in the darkness isn’t the best idea). On the other hand – it shouldn’t be too bright, like in the desert in the middle of the day. If you are not going to wear sunglasses each time you are going to visit bathroom – make lighting adequate.

3. Doors

If your bathroom small – sliding door or folding door is your choice. But even if it is big – common 2018 tendency is minimalism. Let the door be simple – and your bathroom will look modern.

4. Colors

With this 2018 is very simple – don’t make parrot from your bathroom! One main color with (possible) color accent on some zone (mirror, bathtub – let your fantasy work) and that’s it. Preferably make it lighter – dark colors will make bathroom visually smaller.

That’s it (at least, for today). In conclusion, if you need help with bathroom renovation (on any stage – from creating 3d project to making actual works) – you better call professionals. Take a look at and use high-class services offered there to get the result that would inspire you for many years while entering your brand new bathroom, renovated in 2018!

Post by europeancarpenter (2018-02-16 07:24)

Tags: bathroom renovation bathroom remodelling bathroom renovation johannesburg bathroom remodelling johannesburg bathroom renovation south africa bathroom remodelling south africa

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